Terms & Conditions

    Duty free is available on most Air Transat flights. On flights where the service is available, our flight attendants will announce when duty free shopping is about to begin. Choose your selections from this catalogue and place your order with our Flight Attendants.
    Due to space restrictions on board as well as local legislation, products listed may not always be available. Duty free spirits may not be consumed on board. Passengers with connecting flights are advised not to purchase liquids or gels in containers over 100ml/100g (3.4oz), unless you have access to your checked luggage between connecting flights and have room to pack your duty free purchases before re-checking your bags for your next flight.
    Prices are shown in Canadian dollars and are valid only for the duration of the publishing dates of this program brochure. Prices are subject to change without prior notification. The only forms of payment accepted for onboard duty-free purchases on Air Transat flights are the following: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The maximum allowable purchase through credit cards is $500 CAD per person. Credit cards may be checked for further authorization on board via telecommunications. Foreign merchant transaction fees may apply. Air Transat does not accept cash, ATM/ debit cards, Canadian issued Visa debit cards (e.g. CIBC Advantage card) or points cards (e.g. Air Miles). All transactions will be made in Canadian dollars. Custom regulations require passengers to declare all items purchased. If you have any questions regarding your onboard purchase, please call our toll free number, 1-888-670-3218 for assistance.